John A. Drakopoulos
  Ιωάννης Α. Δρακόπουλος


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Medical Dark Age examines the emergence of unprecedented power and authority by big pharmaceutical companies (aka big pharma), their transformation into a sector of fraud and organized crime, and their staggering record of human injury and death. It also examines their numerous falsifications in medicine and medical research that are disguised as medical facts. A new religion of false medicine has spread in the medical field. It consists of harmful but profitable fallacies and fabrications, and it is under the control and authority of big pharma. This religion and authority represent a partial return to the Dark Ages. It is a more complex and sophisticated version of the Dark Ages; it is modern, evolved, and more restrained; and it is primarily about medicine, medical research, and related policies and legislation. It is the Medical Dark Age.

The effects of this new Dark Age are undeniable. Health care costs in the US. have increased from 5% of the GDP in the 1960s to about 20% in 2020. The pharmaceutical sector has become the most fraudulent sector in American history, accounting for more than two thirds of all fraud against the federal government; and it has transformed into a new type of organized crime. Their trade association has dramatically increased lobbying efforts; in 2017 alone, they had revenue of $455 million and spent $128 million on direct lobbying activities. Big pharma has corrupted the government and medicine. It has been allowed to settle fraud lawsuits on a regular basis without admitting wrongdoing, usually for a small fraction of their profits and always for a negligible fraction of the total cost to society and the nation. The total economic cost is trillions. The human cost is extensive suffering and death. There have been various health crises, including the opioid epidemic, the coronavirus pandemic, the autoimmune disorder epidemic, and the autism and diabetes epidemics. Humanity has suffered new forms of oppression, such as lockdowns and vaccine mandates, while science has witnessed a substantial degradation of medicine and medical research with a majority of questionable or patently false medical publications.

Big pharma has utilized the replication crisis, lax publication standards, their control over clinical trials, and their web of power and corruption to implement their religion of false medicine in medical research, the medical literature, and the practice of medicine. The pharmaceutical industry is effectively the church of this new religion, it controls and manages medicine with universal authority, and it is the true source of medical policies and practices.

A central component of their religion is vaccine-based prevention of infectious diseases. It is a lucrative but shortsighted and reckless approach with severe adverse effects on health and human society. It is surrounded by an abysmal array of flawed publications and an intentionally toxic environment to discourage criticism and dissent; and it has introduced a new form of bias and prejudice not only in science and medicine but also in government and human society.

It is a dramatic failure to be well into the 21st century and a single virus locks down most of the planet. The situation with the Covid-19 pandemic, vaccines, lockdowns, and the associated social and economic hardship and decline is a long-term effect of greed, corruption, and shortsightedness. It is the legacy of big pharma, which has effectively forced their mercantile vaccine-centered approach to infectious diseases in medicine and medical research for decades now because vaccines are their most lucrative product. And they did so with the aid of complicit governments and an obedient medical establishment.

The damage to democracy, society, and science has been significant, and continues to increase over time.