Inis Fairkryn

About the Author

Inis Fairkryn was born in the cloud at some unknown date and location that defy biographical efforts. He is beloved throughout the imperial empire of Anephia for his homonymous series and for providing a historical record (or a hysterical distortion, according to his detractors) of the Second Age, aka cloud 2.0.

Although every person, agent, animal and beast in the cloud is familiar with the author, very little else is known about him. According to some accounts, he is a professor or researcher of Computer Circuses (or Circuits or Circles or who knows what). Others have pointed out a youthful predisposition and obsessive tendencies toward wordplay and misdirection. A young critic stated that the author was “simply a kid playing games” but he also noticed the “great ocean of truth that lay undiscovered beyond the playground”. A small number of erudite scholars have claimed the Anephia series to be a pillar of support for fundamental principles and freedoms in human culture, science, art, and everything that matters; but the claim has been broadly dismissed as “too broad”.

Inis Fairkryn never joined the debate but relocated to Anephia and challenged Death to a game of wits. The outcome remains unknown to this day but some fear the worst. Yet, for all beings and creatures in the cloud, he is and will remain alive forever — or, at least, as long as the cloud persists.